Lieutenant Commander Sean Matson, From Navy SEAL Officer to Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur


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Full Episode Blog: Training & Development Can Be Life & Death For Navy SEALs and Entrepreneurs
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Navy SEAL? What about a multi millionaire entrepreneur? Well, both require a huge amount of training & development. Also, they both take incredible amounts of determination, mental strength and perseverance.

Also, Navy SEALs are known for their mental toughness, self-discipline and absolute refusal to give up. Plus, they undergo the most rigorous training & development in the world. So, who would be better suited to explain the importance of training?
On this episode, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, L.A. Williams and Joe Kalitz spoke to Lt. Commander Sean Matson. They talked about his experiences with the US Military. And they discussed how training and development played a major role in Matson’s success as a SEAL.

About Sean Matson

The CEO of Matbock and Lt. Commander Navy SEAL, Sean Matson, did not become a success overnight. From the beginning, people doubted him. And his school teachers wrote him off as a dumb. Plus, the navy recruiters told him he didn’t have what it took to be a SEAL.
But, Matson didn’t listen to any of it. Because, he knew that he was born to be great, and he never lost his determination. So, he ended up serving as a Navy SEAL officer for over ten years. Then, he became the CEO of Matbock, a company that creates high tech military equipment. Basically, Sean Matson is another prime example of a person who never gave up on his dreams. And made the impossible into a reality.
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