The Sr. VP of the $12 Billion Dollar company, Internet Brands, breaks down money: Todd Dearborn


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Millionaires aren’t who they used to be nowadays. As time goes on, people are living longer, inflation grows by three percent every year, and the cost of living is much more expensive than that of 20 years ago. Our parents and grandparents have always advised us to “save for a rainy day”, yet that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Investing is a concept that is overlooked by people that feel like investing in stocks and companies that are meant for the rich and the richest. However, anyone can do it, and everyone should do it. Investing money in low risk companies, companies that support electric vehicles, and merging companies can have a great financial return if you approach investing properly.

Money makes the world go around, and Sean V. Bradley is all about the coins this week! Along with his co-host, L.A. Williams, the duo interviews the Senior Vice President of Internet Brands, Todd Dearborn. Dearborn takes his time explaining retirement planning, how to invest your money, and what mindset will help you work towards meeting your goals.

About Todd Dearborn

Todd Dearborn had an early example of how to manage money and obtain financial responsibility through his father’s multimillion dollar company. He is a strong believer in understanding how your savings works for you through successes and failures. As the Senior VP of the company that owns WebMD, Dearborn suggested that his titles were gained through goals, high standards, and dedication and risk being a driving force.

After attending Towson University in Maryland, Todd Dearborn moved to Colorado where he worked his way up in the Enterprise franchise. Through his exceptional work as branch managers in various locations, the Chief Officer of Operations of Cars Direct offered him a position as a salesman. From that point on, a legacy in the automotive industry began that is appreciated by millions of users.

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