008 Straight Edge


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You may or may not know this, but STYG is a secret Straight Edge band, or well, at least by default we are. Yes, all 5 members of STYG are living, breathing human buzzkills here to harsh your mellow. It’s a mentality that has undeniably shaped our perspectives. While it’s not for everybody, and we certainly don’t feel the need to try and convert the world to our lifestyle choices, it’s been an important part of our lives that’s worth talking about. So, here is an hour and a half podcast of grown adult men talking about the XXX sober fan club that we are all a part of (lol couldn’t resist the joke).

Music featured in the episode -

Inclination - “Inclination”

Have Heart - “Something More Than Ink”

Earth Crisis - “The Discipline”

Casey Jones - “Butt Hash”

Earth Crisis - “Gomorrah's Season Ends”

NOFX - “Straight Edge”

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