How to Grow and Scale Your Startup with Josh Harris


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Josh Harris is the Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, a company that helps other agencies grow using niche selection, lead generation, sales, and campaign fulfillment. Agency Growth Secrets leverages AI to optimize marketing campaigns and saves companies a fortune in customer acquisition costs.

Throughout his career, Josh has been recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur for his successful work. He is also part of The Oracles, a members-only group of prestigious entrepreneurs. After facing countless achievements and failures during his entrepreneurial journey, Josh is now passionate about sharing what he’s learned so that others can enjoy the same success.

In this episode…

As a startup, how can you gain clients, stand out in the marketplace, and grow your agency? Josh Harris, who found big success after launching his small startup, is here to share his strategies with you.

According to Josh, there are six ways to get customers: paid media, earned media, owned media, referrals, JV partners, and direct outreach. While all of these channels are beneficial to a business, Josh suggests starting out with direct outreach and referrals. As he says, these methods will give you the chance to work on your offer before you even have clients.

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray MacKenzie sits down with Josh Harris, the Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, to talk about building up your agency and standing out as a startup. Josh shares the steps that early-stage agencies should take to succeed, how to craft a great offer, and his strategies for avoiding vicious churn cycles. Stay tuned.

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