Simplify Your Analytics Using an All-In-One Tool with Iris Shoor


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Iris Shoor is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about people, simple products, creative marketing, great UX, and building a unique culture. She is the Founder and CEO of Oribi, an all-in-one marketing analytics tool designed to help businesses of all sizes make smarter, data-driven decisions. Before launching Oribi, Iris founded two other successful startups: VisualTao and Takipi (now OverOps).

Outside of work, Iris runs two blogs about startup life and out-of-the-box thinking. Her work has appeared in many publications and media sites, including TechCrunch, Social Media Examiner, Heavybit, and The Next Web (TNW).

In this episode…

Do you struggle with the complex technology of Google Analytics? Are you looking for a tool that can help you save time and easily understand your audience — without the help of analysts and developers? If so, look no further than the all-in-one analytics tool, Oribi.

Iris Shoor founded Oribi to help you make smarter, easier decisions for your agency. According to Iris, Google Analytics is a heavy tool that is mostly used to optimize Google ads — not company websites and other forms of content. However, with Oribi, you can automate reports, customize your design, and simplify your metrics on all of your sites and channels. This way, you’re spending less time navigating multiple tools and more time focusing on the creative side of your agency.

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray MacKenzie is joined by Iris Shoor, the Founder and CEO of Oribi, to discuss the ins and outs of her all-in-one marketing analytics tool. Iris explains how Oribi works, the popular features that make the tool unique, and how she’s constantly developing Oribi’s program. Plus, Iris also shares how you can start your free trial of Oribi today! Stay tuned.

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