Episode 82 Madison Cawthorn's Miraculous Journey


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The Agents of Innovation podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists, hosted by Francisco Gonzalez. Episode 82 (August 2020) features an interview with Madison Cawthorn, candidate for Congress in North Carolina's 11th Congressional District. He is the founder & CEO of of SPQR Holdings LLC, a real estate investment firm in Hendersonville, NC. He is also a motivational speaker and speaks today on an innovative online platform called the New Town Square to express public policy ideas. You can learn more about him at: https://madisoncawthorn.com Episode 82 also features the song "In the Dark" by Houston Keen, a musician based in Chiefland, Florida, who previously was interviewed on Episodes 20 and 81. You can find his music at: https://www.houstonkeen.com

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