Schrödinger’s Slime Mold


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Andy and Dave discuss the latest AI news, which includes lots of new reports, starting with the release of the final report of the National Security Commission on AI, with over 750 pages that outlines steps the U.S. must take to use AI responsibly for national security and defense. The Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) releases its fourth and most comprehensive report of its AI index, which covers global R&D, technical performance, education, and other topics in AI. Peter Layton at the Defence Research Centre in Australia publishes Fighting AI Battles: Operational Concepts for Future AI-Enabled Wars, with a look at war at sea, land, and air. Drone Wars in the UK and the Centre for War Studies in Denmark release Meaning-Less Human Control: Lessons from Air Defence Systems on Meaningful Human Control for the Debate of AWS, examining automation and autonomy in 28 air defense systems used around the world. And the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity publishes a report on Cybersecurity Challenges in the Uptake of AI in Autonomous Driving. In research, scientists demonstrate that an organism without a nervous systems, slime mold, can encode memory of its environment through the hierarchy of its own tube diameter structure. And the Fun Site of the Week uses GPT-3 to generate classic “title/description/question” thought experiments.

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