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In COVID-related AI news, MIT researchers have published a machine learning algorithm that can diagnose COVID-19 by the sounds of a person’s forced cough. And the US Veterans Affairs Department rolls out a machine learning tool to predict mortality rates of COVID-19 patients. In non-COVID news, the JAIC releases the Department of Defense’s AI Education Strategy, which contains a detailed description of requirements, required instruction, and competencies. DoD also releases a new electromagnetic spectrum strategy, which contains a number of machine-learning mentions. And Tesla began making available its “full self-driving beta” to a small number of “expert and careful drivers.” Research from MIT CSAIL have created a machine learning system that can reportedly decipher “lost” languages; they built it on several principles from insights into historical linguistics, such as the observation that languages generally only evolve in certain predictable ways (such as sound substitutions). In other language news, Facebook makes available a machine learning model that can translate directly between 100 different languages (rather than using English as a go-between). Research from CalTech and Purdue creates a “Fourier neural operator” that can solve parametric partial differential equations, nearly 1000 times faster than traditional solvers. And research from the University of Waterloo looks at “less than one-“shot learning, attempting to allow an AI to learn with almost no data (and thus recognize more objectives than the number of examples trained on).

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