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Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, including, the UK government releases its National AI Strategy, a 10-year plan to make the country a global AI superpower [1:28]. Stanford University’s One Hundred Year Study on AI Project releases its second report, Gathering Strength, Gathering Storms, assessing developments in AI between 2016 and 2021 around fourteen framing questions. [4:57] The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for a moratorium on the sale and use of AI systems that pose series risks to human rights until adequate safeguards are put into place. [10:07] Jack Poulson at Tech Inquiry maps out US government use of AI-based weapons and surveillance, using publicly available information. [12:07] Researchers at Hebrew University examine the potential of single cortical neurons as deep artificial neural networks, finding that a deep neural network with 5-8 layers are necessary to approximate them. [16:10] Researchers at Stanford review the different architectures of neuronal circuits in the human brain, identifying different circuit motifs. [20:02] Other research at Stanford shows the ability to image and track moving non-line-of-sight objects using a single optical path (shining a laser through a keyhole). [22:05] And researchers at MIT, Nvidia, and Technion demonstrate that a neural network can identify the number and activity of people in a room, solely by examining a blank wall in the room. [26:33] The Nils Theory research group publishes Physics-Based Deep Learning, introducing physical models into deep learning to reconcile data-centered viewpoints with physical simulations. [30:34] Ori Cohen compiles the Machine and Deep Learning Compendium, an open resource (GitBook) on over 500 topics with summaries, links, and articles. [32:21] The Allen Institute for AI releases a web tool that converts PDF papers into HTML for more rapid web publishing of scientific papers. [33:20] And the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art: This Show is Curated by a Machine invites viewers to ponder on why they think an AI chose the works within. [34:43]

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