Episode 33 - Mammoth WVH


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So after reading a random article about wild bears and the benefits of annual hibernation, Steve and Ross return from a refreshingly deep January to August sleep (off-grid in a bunk bed in the woods) to bring you a brand new episode of ATBVH!

And as a special reward for waiting around this long, dear listener… we’ve veered off the path (yet again) and parked our current mission of documenting and reviewing Samuel Roy Hagar’s pre-VH solo output (er, yet again) to bring you a special topical review of the artist formerly known as Wolfgang Van Halen’s brand spankingly-new debut solo album ‘Mammoth WVH.’

Rumours of such a project were teased out there on the VH grapevine as we recorded our premiere episode back in 2016, so this has been a long time coming. Though not quite as long as the album, which will be an even bigger hit to those who like getting more bangers for their bucks! And how Alanis Morissettely ironic that a podcast notorious for stubbornly long episodes should arrive at one of its shortest ones. (Or ‘normal episode length’ as all the other podcasts call it.) Don’tcha think?

Words will be spoken!
Opinions will be given!
Insights will be shared!
Nonsense will be uttered!
Tangents will be accessed!
Personnel will be impersonated!

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Until the next time… cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers and hand-sanitised fistpumps!

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