Building a Remote Team and a Product Simultaneously with David Tabachnikov


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In this episode, Anja talks to David, CEO of ScholarshipOwl. David shares his vast experience in building startups and teams across multiple countries. Being a nomad since 2016, David understands you don't need a physical space to get your best work done. What how does one manage building a team while building the product at the same time?

About the speaker: David Tabachnikov is the CEO of ScholarshipOwl, where he is fighting student debt by redefining the way American students pay for their education. He and his team have recently launched the Future Minds Fund, which allows direct financial support for students through crowdfunded scholarships. Previously, David was a part of Google and Waze, and he is an expert on distributed teams and remote-by default companies. He is a dedicated professional and a tech-savvy entrepreneur, bringing humanity and technology closer.

About the company: ScholarshipOwl finds hundreds of scholarships you qualify for and makes applying to them easier. Save time, win scholarships.

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