CoS 15 Revisit: Selfies With Fang


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On Episode 322 we discuss...
→ "Those who ask will always be given help... I think... maybe..."
→ Why does a second year discover what the beast is when nobody else can?
→ It must be nice, it must be nice... to have Ernie Mac on your side
→ Does anyone actually feed Fang while Hagrid is gone?
→ Aragog is sending mass emails "on the web"
→ Spiders and House Elves are besties
→ Sycamore and redwood tree analysis is out of this world!
→ The Ford Anglia: IS IT ALIVE?? Could it have killed Voldemort?
→ Harry's first trip to the place where he "dies"
→ Spider mythology - which one fits Aragog best?
→ Comparisons between Harry and Aragog... mind blown!
→ Aragog vs. The Basilisk - who would win?

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