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Kellianne Fedio is an Amazon Expert who helps ecommerce brand owners craft a valuable business and focus their exit plan to turn a large profit and achieve financial independence. After selling her own multi-million dollar ecommerce brand for 7 figures, Kellianne developed a passion for helping brand owners maximize profits, optimize operations, and develop a successful exit strategy. Before working as an entrepreneur, Kellianne worked as a Civil Litigation Attorney and Professor of Business Law.

Paul Miller is the Founder and CEO of CozyPhones, an over-the-ear headphone that is comfortable, stylish, and convenient for children and adults. CozyPhones is a multi-channel direct-to-consumer brand that is constantly #1 in its Amazon category. Before working as an entrepreneur, Paul served in the United States Marine Corps, worked as a media producer and director, and owned and operated multiple stores for CiCi’s Pizza.

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Are you an Amazon entrepreneur or business owner looking for high-quality, practical resources to aid you in your exit planning? If you are, you’re in the right place! Welcome to the Amazing Exits podcast with Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller, your one-stop-shop for exit planning. Kellianne and Paul are expert entrepreneurs with 10 years of combined experience, and they want to help you create maximum value for your business by providing the best advice, resources, and strategies in the industry.

In the first-ever episode of the Amazing Exits podcast, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller share their real-life experiences with exit planning. They talk about their unfortunate mistakes, biggest victories, and the lessons learned in between. Listen in as Kellianne and Paul reveal some of the upcoming episodes of the Amazing Exits podcast, discuss the importance of intentional growth, and reveal how to choose the best exit strategy for your business. Stay tuned.

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