0011: 7 Figure Amazing Exit Story: What it Takes to Successfully Grow and Exit an Ecommerce Business with Matt Geddie


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Matt Geddie is a high-growth leader and accomplished entrepreneur with years of experience creating products, developing IP, building brands, and executing international sales and marketing strategies. His many areas of expertise include business development, strategy, new venture initiatives, and more.

Currently, Matt is also the COO of Chiavaye, a company of various brands leading the marketplace in female health with impactful products and initiatives.

In this episode…

Do you want to successfully build, grow, and sell your own business? Or, are you looking for top-notch advice to help you time your exit perfectly? You’re in luck: this episode of the Amazing Exits podcast is for you!

Matt Geddie is an experienced entrepreneur who created and sold his own business, Skinny & Co., for 7 figures. Through the exit planning process, Matt learned quite a bit about the importance of intentional growth, good timing, and de-risking your assets—and today, he’s here to share his entrepreneurial wisdom with the world.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller sit down with Matt Geddie, COO of Chiavaye, to discuss Matt’s amazing 7-figure exit. Listen in as Matt talks about how to sell your business at a high point, creating a trustworthy exit planning team, and what qualities he looks for in a potential acquisition. Stay tuned for more!

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