0045: Consumer Research to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings with Justin Chen from PickFu


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Justin Chen is the Co-founder of PickFu, a self-service consumer research tool designed to provide feedback. At PickFu, they cater to an array of brands but focus specifically on e-commerce. He built the company around different customer segments that offer brands the tools to optimize their product development.

Before PickFu, Justin was a software engineer and has over 15 years in the business. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Justin is colorblind, and that was one of the factors behind creating PickFu.

In this episode…

Advertisements and marketing creatives can grow the company, or they can go unnoticed by consumers. Knowing how to target your audience effectively can be difficult. Because of this, choosing the right data tool is crucial.

For Justin Chen, he knows instant polling of data is one way to provide customer feedback for a brand. Examining the variables with unbiased, real-world opinions provides valuable insight into product development. Want to know how to improve your listing?

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller sit down with Justin Chen, Co-founder of PickFu, an online platform dedicated to consumer research. They discuss marketing creatives, improving your listing through branding and packaging, and the mindset of a data-driven organization. Justin also explains just how valuable preference testing can be. Stay tuned!

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