0049: From Brand Builder to Broker with Ben Leonard


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Ben Leonard is the Co-founder of Ecom Brokers and an e-commerce consultant. He founded his first e-commerce brand, Beast Gear, with a laptop and some spare time, and it submerged him into the entrepreneurial world. Ben began his work with Ecom Brokers to help other entrepreneurs navigate the waters to reach their financial exit goals.

He graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BS in Zoology and earned his MS degree in Ecology and Environmental Sustainability. His scientific background helped prepare him for an entrepreneurship role.

In this episode…

As a business owner, how do you structure a deal for your greatest exit? How can you continue to scale and grow in your industry to prepare for an exit?

Building and selling a brand is no easy task, especially if you’re new to the entrepreneurial world. Ben Leonard identified a gap in the market. He has been in the confusing shoes of an entrepreneur exiting their brand — and it’s why he is bridging the gap between accounting and e-commerce to help others scale and prepare for their maximum exit. So, how does it all work?

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller and Ben Leonard, e-commerce consultant and Co-founder of Ecom Brokers, discuss getting the most out of your business by preparing for your exit. They go over how Ben scaled his brand and developed his exit, the importance of a broker experienced in all perspectives of an exit, and what steps you can take to improve your exit. Head over to Ecom Brokers for a free evaluation and 10% off fees when you mention Amazing Exits!

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