Newt Gingrich on Current Issues Dr. Chris Martinsen Ivermectin-Horse Dewormer?


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Newt Gingrich on Current Issues Dr. Chris Martinsen Ivermectin-Horse Dewormer?

Newt's World

Newt Answers Your Questions

Sep 15 2021 39 mins 162

Newt is joined by members of his Inner Circle membership club and he answers their questions about the $3 trillion dollar tax increase, Afghanistan, the Biden Administration’s new vaccine mandates, and what he remembers most about when he was Speaker, in a town hall style meeting. Become a member of Newt’s Inner Circle today at Learn more about your ad-choices at

Horse Dewormer or Nobel Prize Winning Medicine?


Premiered Sep 17, 2021

Peak Prosperity

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This video was designed specifically to be shared! So share away!! There's a huge and largely manufactured campaign of disinformation about Ivermectin in the news. This video asks and answers the question; "Is ivermectin a horse-dewormer or a Nobel prize winning medicine?" As you know, the present is becoming increasingly perilous and the future is even more uncertain. The good news is that there is a growing community of people hanging out over at Peak Prosperity (dot) com who are wrestling with the data and the implications so they can take actions to become more resilient. We'd love to have you and you are hereby invited to become a member at Peak Prosperity which you can easily do by clicking this link: Take a stand against censorship and medical nihilism! Become a free subscriber at Peak Prosperity here OR better yet, become a full paying member for only $7 for your first month here: Access to all of Chris’s content, live webinars twice a month, and much much more is available to our paying members. Listen and subscribe to our podcast: ✅ Everywhere you get podcasts: just search and subscribe to "Peak Prosperity" Connect with us at: ✅ 🔴 Our Site: 🔴 Odysee Channel: 🔴 Rumble: 🔵 Private Email List:

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