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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1:-Nuclear testing starts out the proceedings today.
It was once thought that Al Qaeda could get ahold of a dirty bomb, post 9/11,and release it over Washington D.C., making the area uninhabitable for hundreds of thousands of years.
Really, there's always a new nuke disaster right around the corner, no?
So bring on the laws to keep us "safe," which are now being used to confiscate lego sets and take political prisoners.
Mike even discusses an interaction with a mormon man from Utah, who said that cancer runs rampant among both man and beast. Deformed deer and such abound.
Fallout from nuclear testing has to go somewhere.
(AUDIO) Mike rolls audio about how the Kodak Corp discovered the trinity nuclear test in Nevada in 1945.
Some Lung X Ray's, which showed spots, were mistaken for cancer. Thusly, people were needlessly operated on.
What was the real cause of the spots?
Well, that comes down to nuclear contaminated packaging from the Kodak produced X Ray film.
Windbourn nuclear fallout sure gets around...even to Rochester NY where the Kodak plant was based.
Very interested, often overlooked history, which Mike sets very good commentary to. A must listen in FULL!
Hour 1, segment 2:- (AUDIO) An excellent report from John Bound, about the ever present TDS syndrome in the army of Biden's liars called the media.
The report also discusses the Covid flight by Texas Democrats, and the impending arrest they face upon returning to Texas.
Excellent report from Mr. John Bound.
Mike lets everyone know about the status of longtime Americanuck Radio producer Don Naylor, who is recovering from a nasty illness that may be Covid.
Mike also talks a bit on the illness he had, circa October 2019, that may or may not have been Covid...before anyone even heard of Covid.
Very good summation from Mike.
Would Captain America have fought against and killed Americans in Vietnam?
Marvel comics seems to think so, which would make Captain America a communist.
Mike doesn't often cover these type of stories, but he takes this one on with both barrels.
Among the interesting twists, Mr. Jordan Peterson is even demonized.
Enjoy this brilliant and fabulous hour 1 from Mike!
Hour 2, segment 1:- Mike talks a bit about the book of Job, which contains a litany of things God controls all the time.
Mankind, in all it's foolish pride, thinks that this can be superceded.
According to Canada's Global News, asking someone about vaccine status out of curiosity is wrong, but asking out of concern is just dandy.
Say What!?
How stupid and lame.
Listen as Mike slices and dices the idiocy.
Colorado based animal rights lawyer has pleaded guilty on a slew of charges in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire plot targeting her estranged husband’s girlfriend, her lawyer has confirmed to Fox News.
Jennifer Emmi, 43, is charged with solicitation to commit second-degree murder, menacing, heat-of-passion strangulation, attempting to influence a judge, violating a bail bond, retaliation against a witness, and stalking – all felonies.
Emmi also faces misdemeanor charges including criminal mischief, reckless driving, tampering, and two counts of child abuse involving her own children.
Poor animals have quite a psycho representing them, it would appear.
Mike breaks it all down.
Saudi Arabia says it's mandatory that people must be doubled jabbed in order to leave the country.
Getting out of Saudi Arabia might just make this worthwhile.
Much misery and oppression already exists there, but no matter. All Saudi's must do their part or we'll all die.
(AUDIO) Johnson&Johnson is exploring plans to offload baby powder litigation on a new company, in order to bankrupt it.
Isn't J&J supposed to be trusted?
Aren't they giving life saving jabs?
Mike explores this Global News report further.
(AUDIO) Biden walks back claim the Facebook is killing people.
You can take that to the bank, see, because Joe said it.
A funny story indeed.
Hour 2, segment 2:- Florida man Paul Allard Hodgkins sentenced to 8 months in prison for the felony charge of breaching the Capitol on July 6.
His punishment is set to be a "benchmark" for others involved.
The need to deter folks of their dirty MAGA ways is paramount.
A pile of courtroom excrement like this could never be disguised as justice.
Mike gets down to the brass tacks very deftly.
The Pentagon is reportedly working with an extremist analysis company that considers the web search "The truth about black lives matter" and others to be signs of interest in or engagement in White supremacism.
Yeah, what else could it be an interest in?
Other searches included "George Floyd deserved to die."
Everything in the BLM movement is pure as the white driven snow, and no explanation is owed to anyone for this monitoring.
An outspoken Dr. in Lyton, British Columbia, Charles Hoffe, is threatened with losing his license for talking about blood vessel damage from the Covid vaccine.
Everybody knows, or should know, that if something is injected into the body, it will inevitably end up in the bloodstream.
Mike analyzes this story very well, but at this point nobody in the know needs to know how risky and bad the vaccine is.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a fabulous hour 2 from Mike.

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