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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1:- Mike gets the hour started with a dissertation on certain annoying talk show hosts who have their priorities quite out of whack.
Stop whining, stop pouting, STOP GIVING VICTORY TO THE ENEMY!
So many people who call themselves Christians have no hope that the situation we face will get better.
They have no grasp on the concept of victory. They don't realise that the only victory that matters is VICTORY IN JESUS!
(AUDIO) Meatball Cuomo wants to round everybody up, and get us all vaccinated.
Would America be great again if we all just surrendered to the needle? We could all go back to whatever normal was...the good old days.
Mike rightly shoots that nonsense out of the water.
If the present is what we are scared of, then God is needed in all our lives more than ever.
This is as real a testament to the truth as anyone will find on the airwaves today.
Listen. Learn. Let it all sink in!
(AUDIO) A song called "Fat Christians," which sums up those who claim to be of the faith but are completely bereft of anything that makes a Christian, closes the segment.
Hour 1, segment 2: The times we are living in today are better than it was before in many ways, as Mike explains.
What if we die? There really isn't anything to fear, if one is right in their walk with God.
(AUDIO) Mike rolls some audio from the fools of today that so many capitulate to.
Gavin Newsom, Don Lemon, Jen Psaki, etc....These clods may like to think themselves Gods, but they will most certainly have to answer for their arrogance and misdeeds.
We're supposed to be scared, but it's just not the way we must do things.
"Data" and "Science" will not be our watchwords or bugaboo's.
Circle back.
Enjoy all this, and much more, in an absolutely astounding and thrilling hour 1 from Mike.
Hour 2, segment 1:- (AUDIO) Anybody want to hear a fake Republican get booed off the stage? Well, we have it here. Michelle Ugenti-Rita got herself properly served.
Unreleased CNN Documentary Featuring Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez LEAKED
The "hardball questions" from Dana are what one would expect, as Mike explains.
Some things never change.
(AUDIO) The drug pandemic in America is something that hasn't changed over the years, and has been ongoing...and propagated by the govt.
Yes....some things never change.
God doesn't condemn us, we condemn ourselves. That's why it's very grating to hear people say, "Why is God doing this to us?"
He gives us all we need to fight in times like this. We just have to use it.
Speaking english spreads more Covid than any other languages?
Aspirated speaking?
Well, that's a juvenile topic which is an example of what is found en masse in the broadcasting universe.
Hour 2, segment 2- What is it with Texas? They seem to be the #1 producer of man boobs.
Mike explains how he has always believed America would be a leader in freedom. This is a big factor in why many Albertans support Alberta statehood.
A recent study puts some shade on that
Is the uniting factor in the U.S. the desire to break the nation up?
Mike breaks it down.
Cross border communication was restored between N. And S. Korea.
According to N. Korea, this restoration will no doubt improve relations.
Is there at last hope on the Korean peninsula?
Mike gets into it all.
Hate crimes in Canada rose sharply in 2020, despite police reported crime drop.
Time to legalize the carry of pepper spray, eh?
Mike gets into all the details.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a fabulous Hour 2 from Mike.

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