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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: (AUDIO) Mike starts the hour out with a look at Cuba. The first Cuban protester has died in the current unrest on the island.
If one death is reported, then it could be more like 10.
Mike gets force vaccinated on air...seriously.
(AUDIO) Former Obama wonk Kathleen Sebilius thinks that unvaccinated Americans shouldn't be allowed to work, or have access to children.
She actually has the gall to compare second hand smoke and drunk driving to those who are unvaccinated.
Unreal, and insane.
She is an enemy to the constitution and bill of rights, make no mistake about it.
Mike gets into it all in full.
(AUDIO) An LA woman shows door to door vaxxers the door...and she does it with style.
Despite the do not disturb sign, still they persisted.
Nobody wants bloodshed, but this kind of intrusion may just well lead to it.
The earth makes oil. Does that make her suicidal?
Despite the breathless nonsense of Greta Thunberg, It is PROVEN that oil seeps through fissures in the surface of the ocean.
Mike gets into all this in detail. This is a lesson that NEEDS TO BE LEARNED, ONCE AND FOR ALL!
We have been given absolutely everything we need to survive by our creator.
Brilliant commentary!
Hour 1, segment 2: Mike gets into a bit of Deuteronomy, with a story about a very troubled young man and this man's roommate, Corky. Corky has a bit of a thing for women's clothes.
Mike had a talk with Corky, and found out how deep he actually went...including serving in the U.S. Air Force.
Not a Christian, Corky explained the medical difficulties he faced, which led to finding women's clothing more comfortable.
As Mike explains, any preconceived notion he would've had about Corky would've been wrong.
The French are rioting over planned vaccine passports.
An unruly protest on Bastille day led to police deploying teargas on protesters.
Macron deserves scorn for much, but still a question needs to be asked.
Does rioting and burning everything down really solve anything...for anyone?
Mike gets into this further.
The lack trust in MD's should really go back to biblical times. It isn't a new thing, nor did it start with covid.
Thinking otherwise is rather foolish.
The only thing that changes is the continual moving of the goalposts.
Enjoy all this, and more, in an amazing hour 1 from Mike!
Hour 2, segment 1: The medical establishment can't cure heartburn, yet for a few more bucks they'll be able to cure cancer.
More young Canadians died from unintentional side effects of the pandemic, not covid.
Mike delves deeper into this "excess mortality"
Very wonderful commentary. LISTEN IN FULL!
Talk of martial law coming to the U.S.?
CDC Readies Covid camps across the nation.
Mike explains the precursors to all of this. What is currently unfolding isn't doing so in a vaccum, so....
George Floyd mural gets lightning.
Take a knee, and say his name..right?
Every knee shall bow, and tongue shall confess.
Sound familiar?
If young people want to turn Floyd into a golden calf, they will face the consequences of doing so.
Mike gives a unique perspective on this story.
Hour 2, segment 2: DISCLAIMER: The remainder of this broadcast will be under the influence of Mike's earlier, forced vaccine.
Nearly 2/3 of Americans want to see China pay reparations for causing pandemic.
Surprisingly, this is very bipartisan.
Still, if people across the spectrum think that will happen, then one simply hasn't had enough vaccine.
Mike explains all.
Arizona senate president makes announcement about audit results.
Everybody knows the election was lifted.
Even at that, does anybody really think that a marching band will escort Trump back into the White House?
Are any politicians really the answer for this country, and all it's ills?
No. They are to be largely viewed with detest.
What is the answer?
Fear god, and keep his commandments!
Absolutely blistering analysis and commentary from Mike.
Enjoy all of this, and more, in an incredible hour 2 from Mike.

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