Episode 225: How Psychology-based Email Marketing Transforms Your Business Results With Rob and Kennedy


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You’ve probably heard that to increase sales in an online business, you need to have a list. But just having a list isn’t where the value to your sales lies...it's what you do with that list!

Emailing your list consistently can have a huge impact on your sales and your authority. But just sending out emails isn’t going to cut it. How you write those emails and what you say in the emails makes a big difference in whether or not they are ever read.

Rob & Kennedy found that using psychology in their emails had a HUGE impact on whether those emails were opened and read (not to mention generating sales.) The duo joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 225 to share a colossal business mistake they made and how dialing in their email marketing saved their business.

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Key Takeaways

  • How Rob & Kennedy spread themselves too thin and almost lost their business.
  • How email marketing changed since it first emerged as an online business sales tool
  • What an email open rate is and what it can tell you about the quality of your emails.
  • What 'value based email marketing' is and how it will get more of your ideal clients reading your emails
  • An important email protocol that will help your results immensely.
  • What metrics every business owner who is emailing their list needs to pay attention to

About The Guest

They are the hosts of the very entertaining podcast, The Email Marketing Show, founders of the survey platform that makes you sales, ResponseSuite – my guests this week are two of the most dynamic speakers in the world who are reshaping the way we think about email marketing.

Red-haired Rob is a comedy stage hypnotist, and platinum-haired Kennedy a psychological mind reader (or mentalist as they call it in the US), who have spent almost 18 years each relying on their skills of getting into other people’s heads to carve out successful careers in show-business.

Now as founders of EmailMarketingHeroes.com, Rob and Kennedy’s mission is to save the world from that grubby old-fashioned email marketing we’ve all grown to loathe, and give others the tools to become the Email Marketing Heroes in their small businesses.

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