Episode 227: How to Clear Your Money Blocks to Make More Money without Working Harder With Polly Alexandre


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If you tend to struggle with making money or you can’t imagine charging more for your services, or you make good money then it disappears, you might have a money block that is holding you back. The biggest problem with a hidden money block is that a business owner tends to work ten times harder to compensate for the patterns.

Money blocks show up at each new level of success that an entrepreneur pursues, and can hide out in your blind spot, surfacing fears that keep you stuck. If you’ve got money blocks, you probably are doing a lot of the right things but they never seem to work!

Money blocks don’t have to keep you stuck any longer. Listen in on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 227 as Polly Alexandre joins me to provide insight into how money blocks show up and an easy way to dissolve them to unleash your full earning potential.

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Key Takeaways

  • The 8 top money blocks female entrepreneurs tend to have in common.
  • How the fear of being more visible is keeping you poor and in struggle mode.
  • The part your DNA is playing in your financial condition.
  • Why some entrepreneurs make a lot of money, then lose it all, over and over again.
  • What the feminine wound around money is and how to know if it's affecting you.
  • Polly’s simple 4-step process to start dissolving money blocks.

About The Guest

Polly Alexandre is a money mindset expert and clearing money blocks is her superpower. She blends her powerful transformational coaching skills with her intuitive energy clearing abilities to help change-makers, visionary creatives and spiritual leaders fulfil their soul’s purpose, and use their creative & spiritual gifts to change the world.

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