Episode 245: Three Boss Moves That Help an Entrepreneur Scale Quickly


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There is a moment in our business growth where we have to shift out of the mindset of the entrepreneur who STARTED the business and into the mindset of the person who can achieve that next level of success.

Sometimes it's hard to recognize this growth step, and you’ll end up a bottleneck to your full potential. If you recognize any of these signs you are ready to move to your next level and scale up your business, you’ll want to tune in:

* You have lots of really great opportunities but not enough time to act on them

* Often, you get stuck in the weeds with problem solving

* You feel trapped at too low of an income level delivering services

* More often than not, you are frustrated by a team that can't keep up with you

* You find that you waste precious time on activities that drain you

It happens to ALL of us...but let's make sure it doesn't keep derailing you and your goals!

Listen in to Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 245 as I share some of my personal experiences and how I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs break free of the six figure income trap.

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Key Takeaways

  • Why The CEO Factor will help you make better decisions to grow your business
  • How spending more time in your business superpower is a boss growth move
  • The problem with being in the weeds when you want to think strategically
  • What an “integrator” can do to help a creative or visionary grow with more ease
  • A powerful question that helps you decide what to delegate so you can grow
  • The significance of investing versus of spending money to have the business we want
  • Common thinking that makes the entrepreneur a bottleneck in growth
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