Episode 250: How to Create a Movement That Reaches a Million People With Eiji Morishita


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One of the most powerful ways to transform tragedy and heal from trauma is to start a movement that can positively impact the lives of millions of people all over the world.

From Martin Luther King, to Mother Theresa, to Black Lives Matter, to the recent paper straw movement, one person who has ignited their mission can transform the world - if you know how to start a movement that can go global.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 250, I’m joined by long-time friend Eiji Morishita to talk about what it really takes to create a movement that inspires, engages and moves people into meaningful change. Whether you’ve got a small, grassroots idea or know you want to transform the world and are ready to activate a mega movement, tune in to hear what it takes to make change happen.

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Key Takeaways

[0:14] Our 250 episode celebration (how to share this episode and gain access to my free surprise gift!)

[7:04] The different types of movements, example of how the paper straw initiative ignited into a global movement.

[8:49] Why there is value in starting small versus trying to ignite a mega movement out of the gate.

[14:01] The First Follower principle and how its used to ignite a million person movement

[17:49] What the five phases of a movement are and why each is critical to create a global movement.

[24:33] The Dalia Lama quote and why the Western woman is crucial to transformation and change on this planet.

About The Guest

Eiji (pronounced “A.G.”) Morishita is the Movement Makers Mentor & Founder of Movement Makers whose mission is to empower 1000 leaders over the next 10 years to start a movement that impact millions of lives.

Movement Makers is a business leadership accelerator for purpose & mission driven entrepreneurs to build profitable and sustainable social impact businesses. We grow your impact driven business without sacrificing your soul or your family.

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