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Standup comedian and retired rooster fighter Rojo Perez sits down with Standup comedian and rooster fight enthusiast Ari Shaffir to talk about cockfighting. Futu Manu in Tetum. Pelea De Gallos in Spanish. Probably some other names in other languages.

Rojo entered his pet into one when he was a small boy in Puerto Rico. Too young to be doing stuff like that. Ari went to his when he was 43 in Timor Leste. Rojo Perez is now a small man so he has distance and age to help him look back on his cockfighting experience. And Ari Shaffir is about the same age but far more bald.

You guys should see it. They're siiiiiiick. So much fun. And beautiful. And it really brings the community together.

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Waka Flaka Flame - Rooster in My Rari

Alice In Chains - The Rooster

Archie Campbell - The Cockfight

Joe Ely - Gallo Del Cielo

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