#431 Edibles: This Is How Those Stories Start with Mike Cannon and Brendan Sagalow


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Space Cakes, Gummies, Brownies, chocolates, and the legendarily deadly Banana Bread. Comedian Brendan’s Sagalow and standup comedian Mile Cannon talk to standup comedian and creator of This is Not Happening Ari Shaffir about the dark arts of the baking world. It was a fun podcast about edible marijuana. You’ll be laughing the whole time.

Ari has been friends with the true dose king Joey Díaz for over 20 years so you know Ari has accidentally gotten bonked on edibles far more than the average person has ever even taken them.

The intro is full of a couple of good UFC on edibles stories. And the outro has a good story about acid at a UFC in one of the very few moments where Joe Rogan was jealous of us.

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