#442 Summers End with Mat Edgar and Ryan O'Neill


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Mat Edgar, Ryan O'Neill, and I talked about our adventure in the woods for the final day of the greatest summer of my life. We found one of the coolest, most remote, wildernessy, beautiful, amazing, relaxing places I’ve ever stayed at. I wish I could’ve taken you all with me. But it’d be weird if I did. Mostly because there wouldn’t have been enough Raniers to go around. But also the smell of poop would’ve been overwhelming. Counterpoint, though. Maybe I could’ve pooped on someone’s poop. Either way, I’m taking you there if you close your eyes and use your imagination. This is the way I share my experiences with you. And this was an amazing one. I already want to go back.

This summer lasted about 19 months for me this year. So I was sad to see it go. But it also made me remember all the great times I had. The beautiful sunsets I witnessed. The intro was actually kind of emotional for me. It really makes me want to get lost again. Just go live out my days on a beach. But… I got jokes about child death to tell to midwestern drunks. See you next week!

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11/19 | Tampa

12/02​ | OKC

12/09 | Boston

12/16​ | San Antonio

01/14 | Cleveland

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Doors - Summer’s Almost Gone

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Summer Time and The Living Is Easy

White Stripes - We Are Going To Be Friends

The Cure - Last Day Of Summer

Beach Boys - All Summer Long

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