Podcast 351: Phelan Kane


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Phelan Kane is a force of nature – when he recently signed up for the Max Certified Trainer program, I got a chance to see him in teacher-action, and also got a sense of his writing and presentation styles. Wow! Adept at everything from cogent DSP explanations to crazy Max DSP external development, he blew me away with all of the stuff that he could pull off.

Then the interview – and I find out about his prior work in the studio. A-maz-ing! I had no idea about his background as a studio rat, but he was In It – right up until Napster kneecapped the whole industry.

Speaking with someone that has such serious teaching experience (15+ years), massive studio experience, his own personal music exploration and a complete obsession with synths – well, you can imagine how that was going to go. We got along like old friends, and I was just consistently knocked out over the stories he was able to tell.

Check out the interview, and check out Phelan’s teaching over at Music HackSpace: https://musichackspace.org/whatson_list/list/?tribe-bar-search=Phelan


Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0351.html

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