77: Halloween Tour of Death with Cole Imperi


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Cole Imperi, dual-certified thanatologist and public health educator, joins us again for a spooky look at artworks that deal with death and dying. Russell also can't stop talking about Midsommar and Return of the Obra Dinn. Learn more about Cole and listen to her podcast at http://americanthanatologist.com View the Artworks: Alexander the Great and the Fates: https://cincinnatiartmuseum.org/art/explore-the-collection?id=11316912 Tomb Effigy of Don Sancho Saiz Carillo: https://cincinnatiartmuseum.org/art/explore-the-collection?id=11296976 Funerary Jars: https://cincinnatiartmuseum.org/art/explore-the-collection?id=23266555 For more info and other programs, visit: www.cincinnatiartmuseum.org Theme song: Offrande Musicale by Bacalao Take our survey: bit.ly/ArtPalaceSurvey

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