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Britt Snyder focuses on capturing memories and feelings on canvas. Though influenced by late 19th century impressionism, Britt's paintings are clearly a modern take of impressionistic figurative, still life, and landscape painting. His portrayal of the human figure resembles a character who once inhabited our dreams of the night, and now their features slowly dissolve from our waking memory.

His paintings reference classical painting, photography and pop culture with an emphasis on capturing and presenting moments in time and presenting the core essence of the portrayed subject. Just as a film director of a feature film uses the concept of the "wandering eye" in a shot – a view of the actor's eyes without revealing what the actor sees – Britt invokes a similar feeling of curiosity and mystery in his paintings. We want to know what his subject sees and feels. We are left with questions as his figure glances beyond the edge of the canvas. When you view one of Britt Snyder's paintings, you begin to hear in your mind the music of life, and in the periphery of your vision you discern that there is A Sense of Something More.


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Books: Bad Boy: My Life On and Off the Canvas, by Eric Fischl: (paid link) Just Kids, by Patti Smith: (paid link) Vision X Live 2021 Replay: Britt Snyder: Mood and Palette for Portraiture

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