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Frank Serrano's paintings have a sense of atmospheric depth that seem to extend far beyond the two dimensional surface of a canvas. As you look at one of his Western landscape paintings, it's as if you can feel the summer heat enveloping California's Owens Valley. You feel a breeze gently tugging at your soul as you gaze in awe upon the purple glow of the fading light of the setting sun cast upon the immense Eastern Sierras. This is Edgar Payne country.

Inspired by Payne as well as artists Sam Hyde Harris, Frank Tenney Johnson, Maynard Dixon and others, Frank's paintings reflect his own developed style filled with incredible passion that beautifully capture the dramatic atmosphere and stunning light that infuses the vast landscape of the West. Frank says that painting on location enriches his life. His paintings do not exist as mere pictures. They are like a cinematic film that stirs your heart with a deep emotional response to the story that unfolds before you of the epic Western landscape and the people who inhabit its vast spaces.

Years of outdoor painting has honed Frank's sensitivity to the landscape. Frank Serrano's keen sense of observation and heartfelt emotional response to the Western landscape enable him to paint not only the scene before him, but also The Air Between Things.


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Books Plein Air Painting in Oil, by Frank Serrano: (paid link) Starting Out In Oil Painting, by Robert Moore: (paid link) Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color, by Kevin Macpherson: (paid link)

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