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Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world in which we live.

Evidence of artificial intelligence is all around us and will have profound implications on everyday life in the decades to come.

In the military world, artificial intelligence technologies are having a similarly massive effect, and are beginning to change the face of modern warfare.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications promise to enhance productivity, reduce user workload, and operate more quickly than humans.

But, this doesn’t come without its challenges.

How easy is it for an adversary to fool artificial intelligence systems?

How well do AI systems cope with a chaotic and ever-changing conflict?

And how will the human-in-the-loop oversee AI systems on a battlefield swarming with autonomous assets?

The Artificial Intelligence on the Battlefield podcast dives into these issues and more, looking at just how will Artificial Intelligence reshape the future of warfare?

Created by Shephard Studio, in partnership with our sponsor Systel, the Artificial Intelligence on the Battlefield podcast is coming soon, on or wherever you get your podcasts.

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