What is a Death Doula? Top 7 Questions


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In this episode of "Ask a Death Doula" I will be covering What is a Death Doula and the Top 7 Questions Answered.

You Will Learn:

1) What is a Death Doula?

2) What do Death Doulas do?

3) What Holistic support do Death Doulas provide?

4) Are there National Initiatives in place for the Death Doula Practice?

5) If I have a Death Doula, do I still need Hospice?

6) What is the projection for the Death Doula Profession in the future?

7) How do I become a Death Doula?

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

1) International Doulagivers Institute

2) NHPCO End of Life Doula Council


4) Free Level 1 End of Life Doula Training

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