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We've had a few months of really intense conversations, and even though they were all really good and important, it felt like a good time to have an easy and fun conversation with the wife about some of the best questions I get for Morning Coffee Questions.
MCQ is my daily session on Instagram Stories where I answer whatever questions my followers throw at me - following me on Instagram and get in the conversation every weekday:
Here are the questions we tackled in this episode of Ask AfroDaddy:

  • What do you miss most about your lives pre-rona? What has changed for the better?
  • What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
  • How did you survive teething? When will it end?
  • As a couple, have you ever travelled overseas?
  • How do you guys manage your budget as a family?
  • What is your favourite animation of all time?
  • Favourite X-Man?
  • Parenting tips for boy moms?
  • What’s your take on ASMR videos?

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