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Celebrities! They are just like us, and what they desire the most is their fans' love & support. But when they are subjected to controversies, they might want to keep the things to themselves as the going gets tough; as a result, they struggle to find the love and support from their fans. At times like this, it would be nice to have someone who seems to get what they are all about, what they stand for, how they interact with the people, and possibly view certain situations. And it would be fun to shed light on their story through their Zodiac sign, i.e., Astrology. Astrology, which is the study of planet placements, aspects, degrees, conjunctions, and oppositions, let us assume a lot regarding a person's overall personality. Wouldn't it be cool to listen to their story and analyze their life per Astrology? Then go no further! Here at astro lovecelebs, I Ruby speaks on behalf of some of your favorite entertainers as seen through the lens of their sign.Tune in now to listen to the stories of your favorite celebs!

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