E109: Talking eCommerce Visual AI, Product Tagging & Search w/ Abhi Vohra, Okkular - At the Coalface Podcast - 16 December 2021


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  • Abhishek (Abhi) is the Co-Founder & CEO of Okkular - https://www.okkular.io
  • Okkular is a retail SaaS Tech Platform
  • Okkular helps merchants dynamically/automatically enrich their products with accurate product descriptions, attributes and tags based on machine vision and visual AI with a particular focus on fashion verticals
  • Fashion brands (particularly fast fashion) often struggle to maintain their product catalogs to keep up with the pace of product release cycles - this is where Okkular can help
  • In this episode, Jason and Abhishek discuss the challenges facing the fashion industry in the areas of catalog data maintenance, quality and customer experience and how the Okkular solution came to be

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