E110: Talking eCommerce Influencer Marketplaces w/ Adam Bouris, Snatchit - At the Coalface Podcast - 23 December 2021


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  • Adam is the Co-Founder & Director of Snatchit - https://www.mysnatchit.shop
  • Snatchit is a SaaS eCommerce Influencer Marketplace & Affiliate Platform
  • Snatchit connects Shopify retailer websites with influencers to allow them to easily share and recommend the retailer's products to their audiences and earn commissions for doing so
  • Snatchit connects influencers with brands via mobile app and allows them to easily benefit from recommending products they already love
  • Snatchit is also a retail marketplace app that allows consumers to easily search, find and purchase products via shared influencer links
  • Snatchit was born out of a chance connection and business deal with Gary Vaynerchuk
  • In this episode, Jason and Adam discuss the changing face of influencer marketing and how brands can leverage 'authentic influence' for eCommerce growth

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