Kiwa Summit, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ecuador


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Today we are talking from Stanford, all the way with Ecuador, and with a Snack company that has expanded their mission to help other companies to grow and innovate. We are talking about KIWA, and KIWA Investment Summit. The KIWA Investment Summit intends to harness the spirit of innovation, sustainability, culture and community. Their plan is to connect Latin American enterprises generating the right environment for their success. We are talking with Martin Acosta, founder and CEO of KIWA who is going to tell us more about this mission and their future plans. Acosta has created the summit inspired by other international summits he attended and benefited from in the past, and he has successfully helped many other companies to grow and succeed. With one of his creative future plans, he has organized a post-summit adventure for investors and entrepreneurs to explore natural features with vigorous activities in the wild. During these experiences, they will bond and explore their responses to stressful situations during activities within nature. One of KIWA SUMMIT events Listen to our show to learn more about their plans, their programs, their achievements and their history. Remember to leave a comment and to follow us on social media. We hope to inspire and inform. We wish you [...]

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