Rosie the Closer and Her “Latina Success Network”


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Today we are talking with Rosalinda Zepeda, A.K.A. “Rosy The Closer”, a Mexican American that excels in the field of negotiations. Since an early age, Zepeda has been able to master the art of closing deals. She has also developed different workshops to help professionals to be more successful in their negotiations thru her company “The Latina Success Network“. LSN helps small business owners to grow their companies but also helps new professionals to enter the workforce with a leverage towards leadership. All LSN workshops are focused on helping young latinos and minority to expand their opportunities. Some of LSN of the workshops offered are “The LSN Start-Up Academy” and the “LSN Communication Academy”. Both designed with the same mission of creating a premier community for business, professional and self-development for Latina professionals, entrepreneurs and those in between. Listen to our show to learn more about their plans, their programs, their achievements and their history. Remember to leave a comment and to follow us on social media. We hope to inspire and inform. We wish you can give us feedback, subscribe to this site and our social media outlets to keep receiving information about our show. As usual, I want to thank you for listening [...]

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