The Non-Prophets 20.25 2021-06-20 Laura Magee, Teo El Ateo, Johnny P Angel, and Cynthia McDonald


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.25 airing 6/20/2021 featuring Laura Magee, Johnny P Angel, Cynthia McDonald, and guest host Teo el Ateo! On this week’s episode of The Non-Prophets we look at the decline of Catholicism in South and Latin America. Celebrate the recognition of Juneteenth by the US congress as a national holiday. Dive deep into the history of the Tulsa Race Massacre and how marginalized groups from all over are targeted and abused. Ending on a positive note remembering that June 12th is Loving Day. The 1958 Supreeme Court decision that made interracial marage legal across the U.S. Article 1: “Catholics on the Decline in Latin America" LINK: Additional References: “The Global God Divide” “The Decline of Catholicism in Latin America” “Ecuador Got Talent: Do you believe in God?” “Pope Shocks Chile by Accusing Sex Abuse Victims of Slander” “Argentina Legalizes Abortion Despite Strong Catholic Opposition” “Amazon Indigenous Leaders Killed in Brazil Drive-by Shooting” “Police Open Fire On Protesters In Bolivia” Article 2: “Juneteenth” LINK: Additional References: “The Senate Voted Unanimously to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday” “Harvard Writer Exposes How Louisiana Textbooks Center Slave Owners And Confederates” Article 3: "Tulsa Race Massacre" LINK: Additional References: Mass racial violence in the United States Omaha race riot of 1919 Article 4: Loving vs VA LINK: NPR: June 12 Is Loving Day — When Interracial Marriage Finally Became Legal In The U.S.. We welcome your comments on the thread for this show. ► ► Contact us with questions or news stories at:

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