A stock-picking checklist, Apple's new car & Altium (ALU) update | ft Anirban Mahanti & Owen Rask


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Live on The Australian Investors Podcast this week, your weekly hosts Owen Rask & 7Investing's Dr Anirban Mahanti talk Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) new car and Altium's (ASX: ALU) AGM update.

At the beginning of the show, Anirban & Owen also share some of their tips for using a stock-picking checklist.

Here's a sneak peek at Owen's checklist:
  • Is the business Founder or family-run (ARB, Reece, Okta, PWR, etc. the list of great returning founder-led and family-led businesses goes on.)
  • HR review ratings (my former employer is the Motley Fool, which champions culture, and it was/is obvious this was a core competitive advantage. Use Glassdoor (US) or Seek (Aussie) for reviews.)
  • History of execution (Apple - it's buying back stock, executing, there's not ballooning shares on issue, margins are stable while revenue is growing. Capital position is also a reflection of the practices of former (or current) management.)
  • Growing TAM & rising through an "S-Curve" (The Trade Desk is a good one. Finding these companies means faster-growing revenue in absolute terms, and no need for acquisitions, etc.)
  • Does the business have pricing power? (Xero is a good example. This can be intangibles, customer acquisition, etc.)

Talking points (approx timing):
@15:00 - Checklist investing
@38:00 - Altium's AGM
@46:00 - China's slowdown - what does it mean for Australian investors?
@52:00 - An EV bubble and Apple's autonomous car

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Date recorded: 19th November 2021

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