Burgers, valuations & M&A ft. Chloe Stokes, CFA


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Chloe Stokes, CFA is an investment analyst at Forager Funds Management, focused on international companies.
Chloe joins Owen Rask on The Australian Investors Podcast to talk about her investment process, how to find an edge as an investor, why valuation is key, the inside of mid-tier M&A deals and more.

In this podcast, Chloe tells us:
  • What a typical day in M&A looks like
  • Why DCF valuations are done on every stock the Forager team finds
  • How Chloe builds a thesis and gets a variant perception
  • The 50-page investment process the Forager team use and how analysts check themselves for behavioural biases
  • Chloe's favourite stock and the case for Glassons, a $450m retailer from New Zealand

The advice Chloe would give herself is: imagine you have $1 of income. You could save it, spend it or invest it. Only one of them (investing) would mean you could have $10 leftover after 30 years. The power of compounding!

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Date recorded: 6 October 2021

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