Dr. John Perkins: Love one another. What actual ‘social justice’ is, lessons from Civil Rights era, what would Jesus say to all of us today, overcoming imprisonment, beatings, & facing tragedy due to racism, how to truly find joy amidst of suffering


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Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado: here is Dr. John Perkins.Enough said.Take the mic and take it away, Dr. Perkins. With 91 years of living, this man is honestly one of the most profound, knowledgeable, agents for true, authentic, tangible change fighting for justice in this world today.Background on Dr. Perkins via his foundation:"Dr. John Perkins is one of the last living civil rights leaders who fought for equality and reconciliation throughout most of his life. He also has...received 16 honorary doctorates. Now, at 91 years-old, Dr. Perkins has written his final book, Count It All Joy: The Ridiculous Paradox of Suffering (Moody Publishers) that reflects on examples of suffering, why we suffer, and the joys of suffering. When he was seven months old, John Perkins’ mother died of malnutrition. At 16, his older brother was murdered by police. As a civil rights activist, John was tortured and beaten by police. He endured familial suffering with the murder of his sister and the death of two sons. John recently battled cancer. In Count It All Joy, Dr. Perkins reflects on the persecuted life of Job in the Bible and how we can learn to lean into suffering, stand alongside others who suffer, and trust God to make us better through our suffering."With everything he’s been through during the Civil Rights era leading up to today, having overcome so much adversity and wrongs done to him in his life, he’s flipped the script and done the unthinkable...actually loving and forgiving others who've hurt him and has dedicated his life to serving others, helping countless communities thrive with the Dr. John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation.Couldn't think of anyone better to conclude this series as I approached the topic of social justice talking to NBA players & coaches about what seemingly everyone was talking about in 2020 leading into this year: 'social justice'. For many, maybe it was just a buzzword. Well, listen to this. Dr. Perkins lives out what actual justice is everyday and explains what he thinks about 'social justice'.For Dr. John Perkins, social justice is more than just a buzzword or trend, he’s dedicated his life to advocating for ...people. Including specifically underserved minority communities. A true, absolute warrior in the faith, it was an honor, joy, and privilege to be able to speak with Dr. Perkins.What an example for all of us, especially as we face so much unrest, uneasiness, injustice in our world today. What an example of how we can truly choose LOVE as that's what he chose.If you feel so called to support Dr. Perkins and his wife’s foundation, you can do so here: https://www.jvmpf.org/donate/You can purchase his newest books from his manifesto he talked about on the podcast, including the third-book in the installment, "Count It all Joy", here: https://jvmpf.org/booksIf you'd like to join my brand new authentically team, helping further the discussion when it comes to authentic conversations, addressing the root away from the facade from your newsfeed, you can be part of the new launch, having exclusive access to this podcast, behind-the-scenes content, motivational morning coffee talks from Europe, a chance to ask a question to an upcoming featured guest, and more. Here's where you can join the team as a free agent, a starter, or get that all-access credential: https://www.patreon.com/charlielapYou can help be a difference within your inner circle & your community. Starting today. Seek to understand from someone who looks different from you.Have yourself an amazing day, counting it all joy...no matter what.Much love,Charlie --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/authenticallywithcharlie/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/authenticallywithcharlie/support

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