James Harden, Lonzo Ball, Justise Winslow, Jake Layman, Danny Green, Nassir Little, and Brandon Ingram: Real hurt and lessons learned from 2020, How we can continue social justice conversations, Black history (every) month, How you can find hope


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wow.we've made it🎉here is the last episode in this nba series featuring James Harden, Lonzo Ball, Justise Winslow, Jake Layman, Danny Green, Nassir Little, and Brandon Ingram🏀hope you enjoy this episode!thank you so much (as you say here in portuguese - muito obrigado) for joining me in this journey.from coast-to-coast, talking to different nba players and coaches around the league, it's been a time of reflecting, learning, and...listening. to hopefully continue these important social discussions so it becomes more than just a trend but an everyday empathetic equality actually living it out thing.hearing all these different perspectives, i hope you learned something new to add to your toolbox of knowledge on these topics...to know just know it but also be able to apply it in your lives to continue to fight for racial reconciliation.and i hope the little somethin' somethin' in motivational talks sprinkled in has helped you on your journey, wherever you are in life, and through whatever issue you may be facing currently💯p.s. even though this series is now in the books, there's a special guest to put a ribbon on this whole crucial topic. someone i'm very excited to share with you and am honored to have spoken with about this very issue he's dedicated his whole life to. social justice is more than a buzzword for this man. at 91-years-young,Dr. John Perkins embodies what living out and advocating for authentic, holistic social justice really means. a change agent and leader in the Civil Rights movement, him and his wife of 71-years have paved the way for men and women of color who may be going through disrcimination due to certain policies or prejudices from groups of people that has caused trauma or unfair living conditions...to experience a holistic, authentic lifestyles where equality is advocated for and lived out on a daily basis, along with teaming up with people of all colors, all backgrounds, all races, to truly LOVE ONE ANOTHER. the Lord has used him and IS using him immensely as a true trailblazer, man of faith, man of values, uncompromising, showing tremendous amounts of grace, strength, and LOVE amidst such animosity, adversity, trials, tribulations, heartbreak, and wrongs done to him and his family.The WISDOM this man has in unmatched so...to say the very least...I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE THIS EPISODE WITH YOU!STAY TUNED FOR ...DR. JOHN PERKINS! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/authenticallywithcharlie/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/authenticallywithcharlie/support

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