EP #3: Talking Business Structure Advice with Phocus Law


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Hey, residents of this great state of Arizona, let's welcome our special guest for today, we have two business Attorneys from Phocus Law Group. Michael J. “Mick” McGirr the Founder and Michele Leonelli both Attorneys at Phocus Law.

For Mick, he saw a need for a full-service business law practice in Arizona that could address all legal needs and phases in the life of a business. In addition, Mick saw the need to help business owners protect their wealth after helping their businesses succeed.

And today... we are talking about Business Structure Advice with Phocus Law. So be sure to listen to the full episode and you'll learn:

  • 2:36 Get to know Phocus Law Group with Michele Leonelli (Attorney at Law) & Michael J. “Mick” McGirr (Attorney at Law, Founder)
  • 7:37 Phocus Law Group area of expertise
  • 9:03 Choosing a business entity is an important part of starting a business.
  • 9:22 Phocus Law Group - A one-stop-shop for most investors.
  • 13:29 What is a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP Loan) opportunity?
  • 17:15 Phocus law group stable concept right now
  • 21:44 Things you need to know before starting an LLC
  • 33:20 AZREIA Upcoming events - You're invited!

Phocus Law provides business representation and legal consultation to clients throughout Arizona and California, assisting in the myriad of legal issues encountered by individuals and businesses in their various professional and personal transactions so check them out!

Connect with Phocus Law Group at:

Michele Leonelli

Michael J. “Mick” McGirr

Arizona Office 7600 North 16th Street Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85020 California 30025 Alicia Parkway PMB 7001 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


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