Season 2, Episode 1: Jacqui Clark


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As grim as it may sound, passing and death are things that one needs to prepare for in life. This doesn’t only talk about wills, managing inheritance, and such. To prepare for such a thing is to be comfortable with life in every aspect, including the possibility of dying. With that opened sense, one begins to truly live life and not just live life through until the last breath.

In this episode, Jacqui Clark explains the most overlooked fundamental need of financially and legally preparing for death and how this affects not only the person going but also the many close relations surrounding the individual.

As a certified Senior Advisor assisting families through assisted living and memory care communities, Jacqui talks to us about the practices of aging well and what one can do in life to live it more valuably and well, aside from just enduring and existing in the years.

Join Jacqui in this rich and filling episode and hear more insights that help us find our way to a more graceful and wise journey through getting old, either in the face of life or of death.

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