Coach Caliendo announces new weekly podcast show for coaches, parents and players in youth baseball.


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Listen about the new podcast show which is specifically dedicated to the coach, parent and player in youth baseball. From when you get started in baseball to about 14 years old. Coach Caliendo has over 35 years of working with youth kids and training coaches in over 45 countries and the USA who work with young kids.

Special topics for shows like:

  • How to spend you money wisely to help your child’s development long term?

  • Involving parents in the process.

  • Parent/player meeting prior to your first practice, what should you go over?

  • Should kids play multi sports and why?

  • When should they start playing organized baseball?

  • Testing players physical and fundamental skills before you have your first practice and how?

  • How to know what equipment to use for what age?

  • How to run a fun organized practice which shows results in players getting better?

  • If kids are late for practice?

  • How to handle it?

  • If kids arrive early to practice or games? What should they do?

  • Parents, how to act properly during games which helps your kids?

  • Working with umpires.

  • Running a practice if your a coach alone.

  • Are batting T’s for young kids?

  • Giving young kids more responsibilities so they learn faster.

  • Asking players more questions.

  • What should you do prior to a game?.

  • Proper stretching/dynamic warm ups prior to practices or games.

  • Warm ups which include fundamental skills.

  • Using light bats and bigger baseballs to develop the swing.

So many more topics. If there is some topic you like to have on the show email us at

Web Site:

Twitter @baseballout


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