Five Minute Friday: All about Masseter Botox for TMJ with Influencers Kayla Swift and Carly Woods


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Happy Friday Beauty Byters!

In this week’s Five Minute Friday, we discuss masseter botox to help TMJ. For anyone suffering from temporomandibular joint pain, also known as TMJ pain, Botox may be a great way to temporarily eliminate tension in the jaw. Similar to the way Botox works in areas like the forehead and glabella lines, it blocks communication between the nerves and muscles that reside in the temporomandibular joints. Botox alleviates tension within the jaw preventing muscles from engaging in involuntary movement of the jaw. If you frequently wake up with migraine headaches it is possible that you are grinding your teeth throughout the night. Seeing a doctor that specializes in the anatomy of the face should be the first step you take if you think you may have TMJ pain. Botox has the ability to eradicate certain conditions like lockjaw which sometimes comes hand in hand with TMJ pain. In addition to pain relief, Botox adds a slimming effect to the face due to the weakening of these muscles. Because Botox is considered an “off-label” treatment, it is crucial that you see a reputable doctor that has experience injecting these areas. To book an appointment in my private practice please call my office at 626-316-7033!
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