Episode 44 Interview with Heidi Henderson: Learn how this Inspirational Mother of 8 Went from Broke to Booming in her Beauty Business


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How would you feel if you reached a point when what fuels your business is pocketed from your household’s grocery budget? If that is not enough to imagine it, add this...you have 8 mouths to feed and you are a solo parent. AND you are full of self-doubt and wouldn’t consider asking for help from anyone.

Meet Heidi Henderson. This was her reality, but as fate would have it, she betted on her only chance at turning things around for her and her children. Let’s hear her story with the Elevate Program.

Heidi Henderson, RT, CRT, is a permanent makeup artist and Paramedical Tattooist in Bakersfield, Ca. where she owns a “New You Permanent Makeup.” After many years in the medical field as a Respiratory Therapist and Neurological Rehabilitation aide, she decided to open her own business and join the ever-growing field of aesthetics with a focus on helping cancer survivors and trauma victims complete their reconstruction with Areola tattooing and scar camouflage. She enjoys spending her spare time with her children and working on gardening and DIY home improvement projects.

Let’s listen in to Heidi as she recalls her life before the Elevate Program, being that insanely introvert human being with a business that’s “circling down the drain” and how it was transformed into something not even herself could begin to imagine.

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