Episode 50 Believe in Your Dreams


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Times are still hard with most businesses remaining closed. Many are losing jobs and the US economy sends confusing signals to its real state. We have been hit hard with financial difficulty, indeed!

Despite it being difficult to come to terms with reality these days, we need to keep the faith and believe in our dream of running a successful beauty business. Beauty professionals serve people in a special way and we cannot lose sight of that. We could be doing other things, but we chose a path that makes a difference in others’ lives, and that alone fuels us to not give up on it.

When things get tough and life becomes dreary, this one book helps keep our sanity and continues to feed us with positivity. It talks about persistence, desire, and staying open to opportunity. It lays down a foundation for owning your dream, believing in it, and making it happen. Truly, the power of visualization creates transformational ripples of success one after another. Believe it, act on it, and be ready for it.

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